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Penguinflix at Punta Tombo

Magellan Penguins - They get an own blogpost just because they are as they are - adorable, cute and independent.

So here we are at Punto Tombo, the world’s largest colony of the smallest Penguins - Magellan Penguins.

First of all we had a stop at the visitors centre in Punto Tombo. The visitors centre is built within of nowhere, no town or gas station around. Only an information centre about the penguins. The entrance for both of us was around 18€ - totally worth it!

Did you know that you can find penguins only from the equator down to South Pole and that there are 14 species in the world?

After the small information tour, we entered the colony. Our expectation was like out of a documentary:

Thousands of penguins on one point.

But no, not here. First, we saw one, then a view and as closer as we got, thousands scattered over fields where your eye can’t see the end.

They walk a long way with their small feet out of the water to the land. Crazy and cute.

The landscape is bizarre, you see the clear blue sea, green grass, some small bushes with some bright sand spots and some small red rocks. In this landscape Penguins and Gaucos Lamas. Yes, Gaucos Lamas - the picture seems to be so weird; something is wrong here. I think it is the green grass.

Some of them just chill around, some of them have big business with building their holes.

Another one’s waddle in a gang.

Some of them spend time with washing and giving voice.

Honestly, I don’t know how to describe the noise of a penguin.

And some of them are about to find partners.

The male dance around the female and clatters softly with his fins on her body. If the female appreciates it, then there is no longer time to waste... seems like they don’t are ashamed, so I feel free to show this not really family safe pictures:

On our walk around the colony it was really interesting to watch the life of the penguins - kind of watching Netflix but just in real life and with penguins.


So, one of an interesting fight I could catch with the camera. The situation was the following:

1. Two penguins walking around and are looking for a hole.

2. They found one and wanted to enter it.

3. Unfortunately, there were already two penguins. One of them started to defend his hole.

4. In the next moment the second penguin out of the hole appears and helps to defend the home.

5. The invaders start to fight but leave the fight after a while.

6. The penguins out of the hole are happy and one of them is calming the other.

7. The invaders start a second try, but no way! After a fight they left the place.

8. Two proud penguins defending their home.

After falling in love with whales I’m now also in love with Magellan penguins.

We are friends now :)


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