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First steps

Aktualisiert: 14. Aug. 2018

The first weekend at Fabians mums place to start the buildings.

The sunny May weekend (26th& 27th) was used to start the first preparations for the bus. The plan was quite easy and seem to be simple but as we didn't manage to order the right parts - no - not the right parts -we didn't mange to order any parts for the bus. We endet up with stuff which needs to be done, take a lot of time and aren't visible.

To summarize this quickly:

1. A lot of filters have been changed: oil, air and the fuel are happy now as they can breathe with new filters. It seems that even the bus is faster after this change.

2. Oil change - big mess done by Fabian

3. Solved the battery mystery. As neither Fabian nor I are big in electricity issues we learned a lot about it that weekend. It was a big success for us both to find the source of the "Kriechstrom" (so called in german) creepage. We already sacrificed one battery for that mystery. In the end the fault was a wrong connection of the oil gauge to steady current. With some help from friends we could set the correct connection and are happy now that hopfully the last battery was also the last sacrifice.

4. Remove mildew from the convertible roof. All who has a van with a convertible roof will know how quickly the mildew feels safe at that place. We used some biological cleaner which really showed success, it was also a great experience to clean the roof lying on the wood construction - twice.

5. Sort out of the bulli spare parts which you can find in the bus itself in the celler of Fabians mum and even in our storage room.

6. Construct the glove locker to a meaningful storage place. I thought this one would be easy - nope it wasn't as the glove locker has no straight sides. That means a lot of burnish - and offcuts of the former plate.

This all took us two days at Fabians mums place - and a big bone for Myliu - he was also working on that really hard.


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